Monday, April 14, 2014

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Marina - This is the walk to Brophy Bros. Seafood Restaurant. It's in the distance. It's quite renown and very busy all the time. This view is from the parking lot where we usually park. The sky near the ocean is pale orange pink. The sky high above and out of the frame is dark blue. It's reflection is what you see below the boats. Not a good image, I know, my reflection can be seen and it hasn't much contrast. It sold very fast and this is the image I have.
Offshore Oil Rig - This is another view at the beginning of sunset. This rig is 20 miles south of Santa Barbara. The color of the metal was remarkable and only looks that way for a short time.
La Arcada - The shop on the left was a commercial art gallery where I hoped to show some of my work. When I finished the painting, some several months later, the gallery was gone.