Monday, June 24, 2013


Fred Crippen and I are old friends and worked on many animated films together. We've always admired each-others artwork and we hope to have a show together soon. Fred is a graduate of Michigan State University and took painting there from Jackson Pollack's brother. He went to New York to be a painter and got a job at the UPA Animation studio there. UPA transferred him to Los Angeles and when they went out of business he opened his own animation studio, Pantomime Pictures, in Hollywood. In such a small setting Fred could design and animate his own films. I worked for Pantomime during the first five years of the Sesame Street show when Pantomime was supplying short pieces to them. Fred asked me to write, storyboard, design and animate. It was a very enjoyable time. This is a small selection of his work. He has created hundreds of ink and color wash paintings over the years during his free time away from the studio.